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Moonrise is an employment platform that connects companies looking for a reliable hourly workforce to workers looking for that additional shift to make ends meet.
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Our mission is to help Americans


This pandemic has created an unprecedented time of need for America's workforce with millions of households looking for any way to make ends meet.

Our workers are on the front-lines, operating Essential Businesses that keep our communities running. We're working around the clock to quickly and efficiently staff open shifts while ensuring the safety of our workers and clients.

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With our qualified ratings system, trustworthy companies are connected with reliable workers.

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Companies can fill shifts 24 hours in advance while workers get shifts when it works for them.

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From the moment we’ve found a match, to advanced worker profiles and company FAQs; we always keep you in the loop.

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Build up a bench of trained, qualified workers – they’ll be given top priority when we make matches.