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Things happen. Someone calls in, there's a natural disaster or maybe you're struggling to fill a position. That's where we come in and find workers for you fast.

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Traditional staffing firms are stuck in the past. Moonrise has invested in fully automated sourcing. Skip the time and costs of job postings, sifting through resumés, interviews, e-verification, background checks + drug testing and get workers right on the floor.

Companies that Trust Moonrise

We set the highest standards for our workforce so that you don't have to. We take compliance very seriously, and we are fully backed and supported by American Family Insurance.


"Moonrise has booked my whole month calendar for September. I am so amazed with the results just in about 2 days. I have previously hired many people for this reason but it's never worked out as successfully as this."


Insurance Agency Owner, American Family Insurance

"Moonrise helped us succeed in our operations with a great labor crew. It was simple + reliable. Without them we would have had much more stressful operations!"


Illinois Regional Manager, Bedloft

"Farmer's Fridge has been delighted to work with Moonrise for about a year now. Their team makes requesting additional support so quick and easy. We really appreciate how helpful they all are. We hope to share many more years of good experiences with Moonrise."


Talent Acquisition Specialists, Farmer's Fridge

How is Moonrise Different?

Digital Experience
Request a worker, leave feedback, + view invoices from a computer or phone.
Timecards are geolocated - making it easy to remotely track what’s happening.
Easy to Use
Our tool is free with no upfront costs - pay only when the job has been completed.

What is a Moonriser?

Less that 7% of workers that apply are accepted into our network.
We interview + e-verify all of our workers and can also run background checks + drug test.
We source the 96% not available to our competition – workers in stable jobs.

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