Remote Workforce Management Tools

Running a workforce remotely comes with its own unique challenges. Moonrise offers several tools to help businesses bounce back.

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Touchless Timecards

Looking to move on from the unsanitary methods of the past? Our mobile, time keeping tool combats fraud which saves you money and makes it simple to remotely track what’s happening on the floor.
Mobile Clock-in
Workers clock in and out using their personal cell phone.
Time cards are automatically geolocated and time stamped.
Easy to Use

Works in tandem with any of your current scheduling tools.

Remote I9

Remote I-9 Solution

In-person meetings to process I-9 documentation adds an unexpected layer of risk. Also, improperly filled out government forms can slow down the hiring process. We make it simple and quick to verify that new employees are eligible to work in the United States.
Trained HR Agents verify each new hire’s documentation.
Collects data from new hire or translators directly.
Error Free
Error checking + storage reduces costly mistakes.

Instant Shift Backfill

When a worker calls off unexpectedly, save the stress of calling or texting a phone tree and use our tool to automatically contact your staff. One text and we’ll backfill the shift for you.
Replaces last minute openings in seconds with one text.
We’ll notify you when the shift has been backfilled.
Works alongside your current scheduling software.

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We set the highest standards for our workforce so that you don’t have to. We take compliance very seriously, and we are fully backed and supported by American Family Insurance.

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