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Launch a phone campaign of any size with our outsourced, full service solution. RemoteCall is great for highly regulated industries and complicated sales.

admin and call center staffing

How RemoteCall Works

employer adding employee information

Remote Workers call down list of your Leads or current Clients


Employee adding info via tablet

Remote Workers use personalized scripts and track responses and results

Employee meeting neighbor

Interested customers are forwarded on to your staff to close the deal

About RemoteCall

Total Visibility

Track conversion rates, # of calls, calls per hour, talk time, and more while the agent completes their calls. Results are emailed to you after each shift.

Safe & Secure

Personally identifiable information for your Clients and Prospects is hidden from Remote Agents.

Callback Requests

Agents capture the best time and day for callbacks if customers aren't available to talk.

Customizable Scripts

Personalized scripts that change based on how a client responds help craft a natural conversation and qualify leads.

Call Monitoring

All calls are automatically recorded for quality assurance, compliance, and review.

Quality Talent

Rigorously tested and vetted, Less that 7% of workers that apply are accepted into our network.

Companies that Trust Moonrise

We take compliance seriously and are fully backed and supported by American Family Insurance.

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