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First Steps

What is a RemoteCall Shift?

RemoteCall Shifts are 4+ hour shifts of outbound calls made by Moonrise RemoteCall Workers. Our workers use a Script to call down a list of Clients. A Worker’s goal is to Set Appointments or Transfer interested Customers to you or your team to review their insurance coverage. Think of RemoteCall Workers as an extension of your team, they tackle the busywork of finding wrong numbers and leaving voicemails and let your team do the high value work of connecting with customers.

You can set up an Introductory Call on each Shift and a worker will call your Office and go through the Script as though you are a Contact. Use this time to introduce yourself, provide instructions and any feedback you have.

If the Worker attempts to transfer and no one is available or if the Contact is busy and would like a callback they will notate a time for a callback. Same day or immediate contact requests are emailed to you during the Shift. At the end of the Shift you will also receive a results email.

How do I request a RemoteCall Shift?

When scheduling a Shift, please remember that you or your staff will need to be available through the full timeframe of the Shift to answer any transferred calls unless you are scheduling an Appointment Setting Shift.


Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Click the Green Button from your Dashboard

  2. Upload a new list or skip to select from existing call lists
  3. Assign Calls or choose to Assign Calls Later Re-order your lists in the order you would like them called.


     You must assign calls 48 hours prior to the Shift start time


  4. Select the language requirements for your Shift.
  5. Select the Manager that will be responsible for receiving transfer calls for this Shift
  6. Select the phone number you would like the Intro Call to go to and the Script you would like your Worker to read.⭐ We suggest selecting the Script that matches the list you want the Worker to call on first


  7. Review availability to see the likelihood of a Worker being available during a specific date and time.High Availability: Scheduling your job at a high availability time gives it the best chance of finding a worker.


    Low Availability: Scheduling your job at a low availability time makes it less likely that we will be able to find a worker at the requested time.

    Jobs may not be scheduled in the system if they start in less than 48 hours.

  8. Click on the day and time combination you would like to schedule.
  9. Tell us whether the Start time of your Shift is flexible or not.

    If the Start time is flexible, our team may move the start time of your Shift on the requested date. You will be contacted about any changes.
  10. Confirm all information is correct, and schedule.
  11. See that your Shift has been successfully created and we're searching for your Worker!Add the Shift to your calendar to have a reminder of the scheduled Shift
What is a Call List?

A Call List containing contact information for Clients. 

A Call List needs to have either First + Last Name columns or a column for Business Name.

A Call List needs to have a Phone Number column, if the phone number is missing for a Contact it will be skipped. If there are multiple phone number columns only the first column will be used for the phone number.

What number do the Workers call from?
We have two options for phone numbers set up for Outbound Calls: you can use your phone number or a new RemoteCall number. 

When transferring calls to your Office the calls will come from (312) 667-5727.

Who do Workers say they are calling from?

While each Script reads a bit differently, workers generally state that they are calling on behalf of an agency.

What do I need to do to before requesting a Shift?
Before uploading your Call Lists into RemoteCall take the following steps to ensure a successful Shift
  1. Remove any unnecessary duplicates
  2. Ensure all Contacts are eligible for the assigned Script
  3. Remove any Contacts that have requested not to be contacted by phone

About Shifts

How can I change the dates or times of a Shift?

Please email or call/text (855) 420-0124 for assistance.

How can I change the Call List or Script for a Shift?

To change your Call List for an upcoming Shift, use the Reassign button


How can I cancel a Shift?

Cancellations must be made 48 hours prior to the Job or you will be charged. Please email or call/text (855) 420-0124 for assistance.

How many calls should a Shift include?

We recommend adding at least 300 calls for a 4 hour Shift to ensure your Worker does not run out of calls to make.

You can choose to add less than 300 calls to a Shift. However, you will be charged for the full 4 hours if a Worker finishes early.

How do I upload a New List?

To upload a New List, you can use the Uploader located on the Calls Bank or while Creating a Shift.

Required Columns are:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number

Optional Columns are:

  • Source ID
  • Source Name

HINT: If you're having trouble, double check to make sure there are no typos in your column names and that you have saved your file as a .CSV or .XLSX


How do I create a Follow Up List?

Follow Up lists are created automatically after a Shift is completed and include customers who could not be reached or were left a voicemail. Follow up lists can be found under Call Lists.


How do I remove a contact from a List?

To remove a contact from a list, go to Show Search and the left-hand side of your screen and search for the contact you'd like to remove.

Remove from one or all upcoming campaigns.

If you need to add them back to a list at a later date, simply click undo under your successful campaigns.

What is an Invalid Call?
Invalid calls include phone numbers that do not exist, are disconnected or are no longer in service, and any phone numbers that were not in a valid phone number format.

We recommend scrubbing any Invalid phone numbers from your database.

about Results

How do I know what happened on a Shift?

After every Shift you will receive a Results email which details the Shift info and lists each call that was made along with the results. The email will include stats including the total number of Calls, the Length of Calls, and the Calls made per hour. 

 Results will be broken down into the following categories:

Success - The Worker successfully transferred this call to your office or scheduled a time to receive a call from your office or collected an Email for this Contact

Follow up - The Worker left a Voicemail for this Contact or there was no answer

Reject - This Contact declined to talk with your Office or was a wrong number or the number was disconnected or the Contact hung up on the Worker

Do not call - This contact requested to not be called again

Other - Notes will detail more information about the result of this call

Incomplete - The Worker did not complete a call to these Contacts during this Shift


Where are Workers calling from?

Moonriser workers are remote and located across the country.

What if I like the Worker and want to have them back?

Follow the link in the Shift Results email to let us know! We will add them to your favorites and they will get first dibs on all of your future shifts.

We cannot guarantee that a favorited Worker will be available for every Shift.

What if I don't like the Worker and don't want to have them back?

Follow the link in the Job Results email to let us know! We will filter them from all of your future shifts.

For urgent issues please give us a call at (855) 420-0124.


Do I need to sign a contract?

You only incur costs when you book a shift. You are required to sign a contract with Moonrise; however, there are no other financial obligations associated with it other than per Shift fees.  

How can I pay?

You will receive a Monthly bill via email. Moonrise accepts payments via Credit Card, check or ACH.

Can I pay at a different frequency?

Not at this time, please email to let us know that you are interested in paying at a different frequency.


How can I recommend a worker to Moonrise?

Please email or call/text (855) 420-0124 with their name and contact information.

How can I recommend another business to Moonrise?

Please email or call/text (855) 420-0124 with their name and contact information.

Something else?

For immediate response please call or text (855) 420-0124 for assistance.

For general feedback or other inquiries email us at