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How Remote I-9 Works

employer adding employee information

HR employee adds the new employee’s contact information


Employee adding info via tablet

New employee fills out a simplified form with their personal info

Employee meeting neighbor

New employee meets with a friend, neighbor, or coworker to verify documents

Employee is e-verified

Employer remotely processes E-Verification for new employee


For the first time, your employees can complete their employment verification from the comfort of their own home and using their mobile device or home computer.

Total Visibility

Track where in the process your applicants are and receive an email with daily progress updates and E-Verify Case notifications.

Automated Messaging

Our platform handles all of the communication with the worker and 3rd Party, including reminders!

Expired/Receipt Documents

Employers will receive reminders for any follow up needed for employees with temporary documents.

Simple + Secure Data Entry

Our forms are simple to understand and communicate any miskeyed with the employee or 3rd party to avoid costly errors.

E-Verify Connected

Remote I-9 sends all of the new employee’s information right to the National E-Verify site – no typing out important details!

Free Storage + Downloads

Results (including Closed Cases) are securely stored, backed up, and easily downloaded.

Companies that Trust Moonrise

We take compliance seriously and are fully backed and supported by American Family Insurance.

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